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In 1987 I started The Folder Factory with the help of three dealers that backed me in my plan to manufacture end tab file folders. A lot has happened in the past 24 years but one thing has not. The Folder Factory remains a Dealer focused manufacturer. We still have partner shareholders and a customer advisory board made up exclusively of Filing Systems Dealers. It is the guidance of this group that shapes how we run the business.

In 2009 we were presented the opportunity to purchase Brunswick Labels systems. We decided it was a good fit with the folder business and have spent the last year moulding the 2 businesses into one. The result is 2 centers of excellence in manufacturing and customer service, run as one company. In Moncton we still produce great private label folders, and in Winnipeg we produce great stock and custom labels.

Please give us a chance to help you satisfy your customers. As always we will make exactly what you want and package it any way you require to help promote your business. We are a small company with large capabilities, give us a try.

In 2016 Xertrex Canada merged with The Folder Factory. This move has been beneficial to both of us as we reduced over head and are utilizing production capacity better. We now have a Toronto sales office and we represent Tabbies and Colortab for Canada.

2016 also saw the addition of a Colordyne digital printing press for our Winnipeg location. This high speed press will allow us to make fantastic 4 color labels for the packaging industry. This diversification gives a complete new product line for our dealers to sell.

Peter Carpenter