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Our Capabilities

Digital Printing

Our system is Ink Jet using water based environmentally friendly inks. We are capable of producing 1-4 colour spot print and full colour process labels including picture quality print. Our Colordyne 3600 press incorporates printing, die cutting, laminating, and or UV coating in-line. (All in one pass through the press)

Print Quality

We print at a 1600 x 1375 DPI (Dots per Inch). This is the highest resolution in the industry and produces the finest quality image.

Press Speed

Most digital presses will print at 90 feet per minute top speed. The Colordyne 3600 prints at up to 275 feet per minute making it the fastest digital platform in the industry.

Customer Art Files

We can accept art files in a PDF format. The art file can be e-mailed to Winnipeg. Effectively, the Digital press will reproduce the image on the art file.


We can print on a wide variety of substrates, the most popular are:

Matte Digital: A true white coated stock that delivers exceptional printability and can also be laminated to create a glossy effect. This is our most competitively priced stock. (Indoor Use Only)

High Gloss Digital: A true white coated stock with a glossy sheen. This stock can be laminated or UV coated to produce a very lustrous finish. This is our mid-priced stock. (Indoor Use Only)

Vinyl/Synthetic:A man made synthetic stock with exceptional durability. This stock is excellent for offering strength against tearing in both indoor and outdoor applications and can withstand moisture in outdoor applications.


All digital stocks use our all temp adhesive. As such, they can be applied at temperatures as low as -20F and have a service temperature range of -65 to 180F.

Other stocks are available for digital print including gold and silver foils, florescent, as well as a variety of custom paper products.

Maximum Label Size

Printed width area of 8.5" and 22" in length.
*Labels may be ordered as large as 10" x 22", if there is a white border beyond the printed 8.5" width.